Wednesday, February 25, 2004

HOW CAN WE BE SURE HE'S NOT JUST ASLEEP?: Don't get us wrong, we love EasyJet - there's something pleasing about its single level of service for everyone on the plane, apart from anything, and it's orange planes have taken us all over the place. Apart from that one time they'd forgotten to buy any anti-freeze and so we were stuck on a coach from Luton to Liverpool the day before New Year's Eve with a bunch of rowdy drunks. But it's the airline's never-ending capacity to fuck up its PR always leaves us breathless with delight. How many seasons of Airline will it allow to be made before realising that every single episode consists almost entirely of people complaining about how rubbish EasyJet is? And, more to the point, demanding to see Les Gray's death certificate before they'll repay the kid's charity the fare for the flight to the comeback gig he never made is an astonishing piece of flat-footed mismanagement.

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