Wednesday, February 25, 2004

LET THE GAMES RE-COMMENCE: Channel 4, unsurprisingly, are doing the Games again this year - this was the show which broke Mel C into little pieces and gave us Gail Porter in a swimsuit, the most clothes she's even worn outside of Top of the Pops. This year there are no musical women involved - although we have vague memories of Linda Lusardi once releasing a record - but there is Katy Hill; the men, though are brimming with washed-up musicians - Shane Lynch, Pat "and Mick" Sharp and Romeo, with the numbers made up by Lying Swindle Machine Charles Ingram (we'd suggest Channel Four inspect his running shoes for little steam-powered wheels) and "Mr. Gay UK", who doesn't get so much as a name. The rest are Jodie Marsh, Charlie Dimmock and Lady Isabella Hervey.

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