Wednesday, February 25, 2004

LOST IN SPACE: Did you know Space were still going? No? Well, it has been a while since they last had anything out - record company troubles, we understand. One of the only ways the world knew they were still going at all was thanks to the band's website, which for the last two years has been run for free by a couple of fans, keeping the faith that one day, the band would return and everything would be alright again. And on Monday, a new single - Suburban Rock & Roll - finally emerged, proudly carrying the website's URL Splendid.

Except, if you visit the site, instead of some pictures of Tommy and the boys, you get a sorry tale of a band who should know better trampling on their fans. The webmasters crime? They wanted to be able to offer a few copies of the new CD for sale through the site. From their side of it, the management became virulently afraid that to flog copies through the web would harm the band's chart position (the site had been thinking they might sell ten copies). It's not unexpected - Space's manager Mark Cowley last made the papers when he had fist-fight with one of China Crisis, up until that point one of the bands he represented - but it's all a bit of a shame.
[Thanks to ginsoakedboy for the lead]

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