Tuesday, February 24, 2004

THEY THROW THE STUFF AT HIM; HE ENDS UP IN THE CELL: It's hard to feel sorry for Wes Scantlin, the singer with Puddle of Mudd. So we won't. We'll just titter at the discovery that even Puddle of Mudd fans and the band sometimes notice that their band is shit. POM came on to play a gig in Toledo, but by four songs in most of the band had trotted off stage. Scantlin was left there on his own, muttering that he was too fucked up to play. The audience, unsurprisingly, didn't take this too well, and threw stuff at him, and someone called the police. Since there's not actually a crime of 'being so rubbish even a not especially discerning bunch of metal fans notice' in Toledo (yet - vote 'Yes' on proposition 39), the cops took him in on a disorderly conduct rap. By the time he got to the station, he'd added a charge of spitting in a police car. We're counting to thirty, by which time we expect to hear of class action suits demanding money back...

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