Tuesday, February 24, 2004

THE TROUBLE WITH ANANOVA: We were actually kind of relieved to discover quite late on yesterday that we'd not fucked-up reading the report on the death of Les Gray, and that for a short period Ananova had indeed credited him with the Kylie and Spiller tracks that we'd passed on to him - of course, it would have been nice if they'd admitted they'd made an error, too. This, however, isn't a mistake - from their Showbiz Quirkies comes a headline: Iglesias says 'thousands sing better than Pavarotti'.

Now, clearly this is Luciano getting up on a high horse and then riding up a mountain, isn't it? Doesn't the old Spaniard have a bloody cheek, being so dismissive of Pavarotti, eh? Obviously he thinks he does better.

Erm... except the story is the complete opposite of what the headline suggests. He does make the statement, but it's in the context of 'I'm not a very good singer, there are loads of people who sing better than I do; I mean, there's even people out there who singer better than Pavarotti does...' - the polar opposite of the implication of the headline.

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