Monday, February 23, 2004

TURN IT UP AGAIN: This year marks twenty-one years since the start of one the classic radio music shows. If you had any business in Brighton during the late 80s/early 90s - and chances are you did - and you were in town on a Sunday night, you'd feel compelled to tune into Radio Sussex to catch Turn It Up. For a few short years, and except where it was compressed by the Sussex Sunday cricket league matches over-running, it gave Brighton music a voice and space and was pretty instrumental in helping develop a vibrant scene where previously there was none, combining local music with interviews with touring acts and boasting the only listener's year-end chart to outshine the Festive Fifty. Dale Shaw, one of the TIUppers at the time it was axed from the schedule (we've got a feeling it was the act of John Henty, who mumbled some promise that the people involved in the programme would have input elsewhere into the station, by then renamed Southern Counties Radio) is in the early stages of planning some sort of reunion programme. He's trying to gather together people who worked on the show to come up with a way of paying tribute to one of the gems of local broadcasting. We wish him luck, and we'll keep you posted on how he's getting on.

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