Tuesday, February 24, 2004

CHARLATANS ABOUT AGAIN: The new-look, all-relaunched Charlatans website has got a set of tour dates for Tim and the boys:

23 – Aberdeen 'Music Hall'
24 – Glasgow 'Academy'
27 – Manchester 'Apollo'
29 – Liverpool 'Uni'
31 – Leicester 'De Montfort Hall'
01 – Nottingham 'Rock City'
03 – Folkestone 'Leas Cliff Hall'
04 – London 'Hammersmith Apollo'
05 – Brighton 'Dome'
06 – Bristol 'Academy'
08 – Newcastle 'Northumbria Uni'
09 – Doncaster 'Dome'
10 – Birmingham 'Academy'
11 – Newport 'Centre'
13 – Isle-Of-Wight Festival

We've picked up their punctuation from the site - we kind of like the slightly twee use of quote marks, although it reminds us of the slightly cowed BBC we've got at the moment, who at the weekend were running the CCTV footage of the Greater Manchester Police kicking the shit out of that guy. In went the boot, over and over again. And yet the BBC didn't seem to trust the evidence of its own eyes, choosing to title the footage Police 'Kicking' Video, as if it might have been like that old Guardian advert and if you looked from the other angle they were trying to save him from an angry dog or something. But we're wandering off the point. We reckon the Brighton Dome has got to be the pick of these dates. Tickets not on sale yet, unless you know where to ask.

If you're anything like us, you'll be sat there thinking "all well and good, but what's Tim's hair like now?" We can report long, bobby and jet black:


... perhaps slightly like sharleen spiretti now you mention it.

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