Saturday, March 20, 2004

AUSTIN BOWS TO FRANZ FERDINAND: They only just made it - Bob and Paul got held up in El Paso airport - but Franz Ferdinand's SXSW show has been a success, with hundreds more people trying to get to see the band than the venue, Buffalo Billiards, could cope with.

The Fort Worth Star Telegram was less impressed, though, sniffing that 80s music is making a comeback, is it? Mind you, the paper is spot on with their view of the Polyphonic Spree - a coke commercial in desperate need of some tunes. The Houston Chronicle seemed keen to avoid the hype of the FF bandwagon, raising an eyebrow at the concept of a band "few had heard of at 10 am" being "touted as the second coming of U2 by sundown." The U2 is just rude, you know. They did seem to like the The Thrills, though.

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