Wednesday, March 17, 2004

KERRY BUSTED: Poor Kerry McFadden - although Lenin and Saddam eventually had their statues pulled down, at least they managed to get them built in the first place. Not so Kerry ex-Kitten, who has had her proposed statue in hometown of Warrington rejected - on the grounds that hardly anyone knows who she is. Her mother is - well, the word aghast can't begin to describe it:

"There are a lot of old fuddy duddies in this town. But on the other hand there are thousands of kids in the town who idolise Kerry and don't have a clue who George Formby is. Everyone knows where Kerry is from and she's proud to be an ambassador for Warrington."

Except, of course, that while a few people know who she is at the moment, it's unlikely she'll have the same degree of brand recognition as George Formby - Warrington's most famous son - has managed decades after his death. On the other hand, George never did photo shoots like this [NOS].

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