Wednesday, March 17, 2004

MEL C: ALL THAT STANDS BETWEEN US AND A SPICE GIRLS REUNION: Of course, if you're really paranoid, the reports that Mel C has turned down ten million pounds to reunite the Spices (a band whose Greatest Hits album is currently being fattened up, like turkeys [note to self: maybe 'duck' or 'capon' would have been kinder] for the Christmas market) would have you sitting there wondering how long it will be before we have the 'Mel C slaughtered by insane lone fan; copies of EMI annual report found near body' headlines. Mel says that "no amount of money is more important than my integrity", which makes you wonder if she wound up on that reality game show last year to make some sort of statement - we've typed the words 'melanie c wrestling gail porter' to try and work out what that statement would have been, but our spellchecker keeps suggesting we want the word 'naked' at the end of the sentence.

We're wondering if all the Spices were offered the same cash figure to sing with the band again, or if Victoria and Geri were offered double on the understanding they didn't sing.

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