Monday, March 29, 2004

LEGWARMERS OPTIONAL: Remember The Eighties has news of a whole shed of reissued, repackaged, repackaged stuff coming out again soon - the demand for the original Bucks Fizz albums (Bucks Fizz, Are You Ready, Hand Cut and I Hear Talk) even with extra tracks remains to be seen (although the picture on the sleeve of Are You Ready - Fizz in parachute gear - is oddly erotic; Adolescent Sex, Obscure Alternatives, Quiet Life and the compilation Assemblage come round again for Japan, although disappointingly with new artwork; The Lotus Eater's often overlooked No Sense of Sin and Landscape's so-so From The Tearooms Of Mars To The Hellholes Of Uranus are also being revived. Stray Cats entire back catalogue is going to be re-rolled while Bow Wow Wow get a new best of, Blondie have a rarities collection and best of all... Five Star's System Addict single has been given a 2004 makeover.

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