Sunday, March 28, 2004

IT'S ANOTHER LOCK-UP: Odd goings-on at the High Court, where the former nanny to Dolores O'Riordan and husband Don Burton's kid is suing her former employers.

The nanny, Joy Fahy, claims the couple falsely imprisoned her in Canada, by withholding her passport; that Dolores went into one big style (although she didn't use tanks and bombs) and that Burton made the following wonderful reference to Larry Mullen, who Fahy had previously worked for:

"You don't get it do you? My wife is Bono , she's not fucking Larry, she's Bono."

Which is true - she is almost as irritating self-satisfied as her fellow Irish singer.

Fahy is suing for ten thousand in the Dublin High Court, following an even bigger falling out:

Matters came to a head in June 1999 during a trip to Canada when she said she was asked to look after the baby alone for a week without a car, mobile phone and eight miles from the nearest shop. The property was next to an unfenced lake and there was no food except for a tin of pasta that was out of date.
When Miss Fahy told O'Riordan she did not feel comfortable with the idea, having only been with the baby for seven weeks, the singer allegedly "went ballistic".
Miss Fahy told the court O'Riordan grabbed the baby from his pram and walked off towards the lake "screaming and crying" followed by her mother, Eileen.
Mr Burton emerged from a drinking session with friends and demanded to know what had upset his wife.
When Miss Fahy told him, he allegedly replied: "You are going home. You're fucking fired and you know jack-shit about horses. You are fired and will get your passport when I feel you should."
She said she barricaded herself in a room until her passport was returned and flew to Ireland the next day.
When she returned to Limerick to retrieve her belongings Miss Fahy, from Batterstown, Co Meath, found some items in bin bags covered with fly repellent for horses.

Of course, this still makes Dolores a model parent compared with Bobby 'I thought I told someone to mail a cheque' Brown. The family deny her story and the case will continue next week.

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