Sunday, March 28, 2004

OH DEAR, WHAT CAN THE MATTER BE?: You'd not expect much in the way of hell-raising on a Barenaked Ladies tour - perhaps a few unwanted pizzas sent to They Might Be Giants' studio, or some beds made apple-pie order. Which is why the arrest of Howie Day for locking of a woman in his bus toilet while supporting on a barenaked tour comes as something of a surprise. Day had apparently tried to hit on a lady and, when she made some response along the lines of "not if you were wearing Geri Halliwell's boots", he locked her in his tour bus toilet. Another woman tried to call the cops so, it's alleged, Day smashed up her mobile phone. Day realises this would be stepping over some sort of line, allowing "That was probably wrong of me. But I felt violated." Admittedly, the tablets of stone weren't entirely clear on whether or not smashing a mobile phone would be considered sinful, so Day's uncertainty is understandable. But you have to feel sympathy for him - which of us wouldn't feel it a terrible violation to have someone try and get the police to meddle in a perfectly innocent locking-a-woman-in-a-bus-bog event? We'd all feel a little violated, I think.

Day has been released on bail.

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