Monday, March 15, 2004

\m/: Calm down, David Draiman, calm down*

The world wants rock bands to be idiots. The world wants rock bands to be these bumbling buffoons, these morons who made fun of themselves and their music and their art and don't take themselves seriously in any way.
It's all supposed to be a joke. And it's funny. I heard that they have decided to start slinging shit in our direction and that we are an example of one of the bands that they're completely against.
That to them we symbolise this whole wave of nu-metal that is near its death. Are you fucking kidding me.
The irony is that they opened up for us in London at Brixton Academy and here they are talking shit about us.
I like the single, it's a catchy song, but it's not metal. It's pop-rock. How dare they call themselves metal. That's not metal. It'll never be metal!
Don't claim to be something you're not. Don't claim to be metal. Don't claim that you're authentic and we're not. Fuck you!"

Of course, while The Darkness are amusing and slap a smile on a face, they're nothing like as funny as watching a sweaty man make the veins bulge on the side of his head as he insists that he is the authentic face of ROCK. We're sure Draiman's little paddywack is nothing to do with that whole their old support band now the toast of the known world while they're still left slogging away playing smaller venues and dreaming of getting a date. We wonder when he actually came to the realisation that, basically, most of the world only tolerates rock for the chance to point and poke and giggle at the spandex and the posturing. And we wonder if that made him cry a little inside.

* - the lead singer of Disturbed. That you have to ask will only make it worse.

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