Monday, March 15, 2004

WHO SAID YOU HAD BEEN?: Interesting that Holly Vallance is being so quick to insist she's not been dropped by Universal. And, to be honest, she doesn't actually seem quite so convinced herself:

I would say so, yeah. I mean, so much is happening there at the moment, a lot of things are moving around and changing.
"I've always had an excellent relationship with the people there. I just feel positive about it, even though internally a lot of people are leaving, new people are coming in.
"Whether that's going to affect artists that are signed, I'm not sure at this stage. But I'm not worried about that either, because there's always going to be other things. I'm still young, a lot of people have stories to tell from their early days of ups and downs.

So, she runs from insisting she's still a part of the big Universal family to shrugging being dropped as a funny story she'll laugh about one day in about the course of a minute [recalls how faltering Vallance is in interviews] in the course of five minutes. And she's right, of course, a lot of people do have stories to tell from their early days - many's the time I've been regaled by tales of being dropped by a major by the chap I'm buying shoelaces off of.

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