Monday, March 15, 2004

PEOPLE WHO BUY OVERPRICED TROUSERS DISLIKE TAKE THAT: Diesel's long and over-complicated worst record poll has made the unlikely claim that Take That's cover of Could This Be Magic is the worst record ever. Which is obviously wrong, because it's not even the worst Take That record, bearing in mind they worked with Lulu. The same poll - which relied on people handing over the rubbish record in some sort of twisted parody of the Firearms Amnesty - discovered Rabbit, by Chas and Dave, to be the eigth worst single. Which means, unfortunately, that for all its expensive sexy advertising campaigns, Diesel clothing appeals to the sort of person who has a copy of a Chas and Dave single within easy reach. We're switching back to George at Asda in a bid to try and salvage some self-respect.

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