Monday, March 29, 2004

NO, IN GOD'S NAME, NO: So, you get in Russell T Davis to overhaul the writing; you try and wipe out the memory of Sylvester McCoy by calling up a proper, nuanced actor like Christopher Ecclestone to take over the role of the doctor. So why on earth would you repeat the Bonnie Langford error by picking Billie Piper to play Doctor Who's companion?.

There's a nice attempt at jiggling history in the BBCi report, which suggests that Billie has "shunned the music world in favour of acting." That would be "shunning" in the sense of sniffing "I'm so bothered anyway" when she turned up at Music Inc. and found her desk had been cleared, her door pass didn't work, the woman on reception wouldn't make eye contact with her and just kept mumbling "You'll have to speak to the management" and someone from accounts who happened to be walking through the entrance hall made some half-arsed mutterings about how "we'll have to do farewell drinks some time, only not this week as I'm playing squash with Charlotte Church."

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