Sunday, March 14, 2004

WOOD SMOKE: Ronnie Wood is surprised he didn't die twenty six years ago, at the same time as Keith Moon. Although it's actually possible that he did, but he's been so stuffed full of uppers, downers, sideway zoomers, depressants, repressants, happy pills, sad pills, purple hearts, green dragons, microdots, megapots, bloomers, horse tranqs and Capstan Full Strengths that he 'total system shut down' message has yet to make it through his nervous system, so his body just carries on ticking over like a car in Alaska when the owner's gone to bed.

Doctors have warned Ronnie that if he doesn't quit the fags, he could be dead within the year. Which is a hell of a brave statement to make when Wood has been confounding medical science since about 1960.

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