Sunday, March 28, 2004

WORDS NOT PICTURES: On Wednesday, we told you the tale of a man called Dale who tracked Geri Halliwell down on the internet to show her his tattoo, which the Grimsby Telegraph had reported of as being "of her." Dale's been in touch to tell us that he doesn't actually have Geri's face in ink on his legs:

I am e-mailing you regarding something you have posted on your blog.
 It is dated Wednesday 24th March.  My name is Dale, im the boy you're taking the piss out off on your little website.
Please, get the facts RIGHT before posting?  The tattoo is her LOGO and is on my LEG, just above my ankle.
 There are alot of Geri Halliwell fans in the world, and yes, I am proud of being one of the biggest, if not the biggest.  Why is this a problem?!
If you want to comment about the story, maybe ASK me first, then post it.  Shit like that just blows ass..

We're sorry for blowing the ass of the shit, and are happy to make clear that Dale's tattoo isn't of a face but a word. We're still not convinced there are "a lot" of Geri Halliwell fans in the world, mind.

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