Thursday, April 01, 2004

AS IF WE'VE NOT DUMPED ENOUGH CRAP ON AFRICA OVER THE LAST 300 YEARS OR SO: How best to fight the growing menace of Aids in Africa? Why not send in someone currently being investigated for child sex abuse? That's Congress' new big plan. Bobby Rush has announced that Michael Jackson "is going to lead the global effort against Aids" - oh, really? How could the incredibly compromised Jackson do that? Who would take him seriously if, for example, he made a speech rejecting the belief that sex with a child will cure Aids? Not that he seems likely to actually make any such speech - during the launch of this plea to get him a passport to head off to Africa, he spoke only once, to complain that the applause which greeted the announcement "wasn't loud enough." Is that how he's going to lead the global effort? A spot of smiling and nodding, and just the odd words to ensure he's getting the kudos he thinks he deserves? If Jackson is really serious about wanting to help turn back the rising number of HIV infections in Africa, he should withdraw. Because right now, wherever he goes, whatever he wants to be the story, there's only one headline which is going to cling to him. He couldn't lead a global convention of Diana Ross lookalikes, never mind a global fight against one of the biggest health threats of our times. He's just a distraction.

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