Wednesday, April 21, 2004

BACK FOR... WELL, NOT GOOD: Gary Barlow is suggesting that the original Take That line-up in full (i.e. including Robbie Williams) has got plans to reunite in time for Christmas. The project is described by Barlow as "not strictly speaking a concert" - which could have been said of every date the That turned up to mime and dance at during their glory days, of course.

While it's clear what's in it for Gary Barlow and thesweetestmaninpop Mark Owen, it's harder to see what Williams hopes to get out of the regrouping, unless it's a desperate bid to say "Look, I wasn't always a total cunt." And for Jason Orange and Howard Donald, making time in their busy schedules for a comeback date must be quite demanding - perhaps the night it happens, people will just have to get their own damn towels.

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