Wednesday, April 21, 2004

PERHAPS GUY COULD HELP HER OUT WITH A FEW BOB: Ah, so that's the reason for Madonna suddenly announcing another world tour when she's not really got anything to promote - court documents have revealed the depth of the hole her vanity label Maverick has managed to get itself into. Despite actually managing to sign some proper acts - Muse, Michelle Branch, the Morissette woman - Maverick lost a whopping USD66 million; for Madonna to keep control of the label she's going to have to whistle up nearly a hundred million from someone, to cover unpaid fees, that huge loss and a big loan. If she doesn't cough up - and, frankly, we're not betting she's got that sort of cash just sitting under the clock - Warners will seize control of the label and squeeze it and squeeze it to get their money back. The release of this is all part of the ongoing tussle between Madonna and Maverick, who want to be free to see other parent companies, and Warners, who seem to wish to be shot of the whole thing but desperate to cling on to Alanis.

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