Thursday, April 22, 2004

BRETT'S VANILLA DANISH: Brett Anderson, having kicked both heroin and Suede, is embarking on his solo career by playing a gig in Copenhagen to, um, celebrate the Royal Wedding. Even more oddly, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club will be taking part in a gig planned to mark the union of these two:

she has a Pat Nixon coat

Prince Frederik and Mary Donaldson. Mary, charmingly, has already had some traditional sealskin clothes made - we don't know if she chose the animals to be bludgeoned to death herself, or left it up to the experts. Um, anyway, back to the music: Brett's planning to do some new stuff as well as the things everyone wants to hear. Apparently. The gigs, called Rock and Royal (a lesson in why you should never try and pun in a foreign language) are seen as a way of involving the ever-elusive young people in the celebrations. All we got when Diana married Charles was a bloody mug, and Frank Bough on the telly mid-afternoon. Hardly seems fair.

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