Wednesday, April 21, 2004

CHRISTIANS! HIDE YOURSELF! (II): Last year, Glastonbury and Leeds managed to avoid repeats of previous mayhem throughout their neighbourhoods. So, it seems that festivals have moved on from their reputation as being major causes of misery for the people unlucky enough to live near the sites. Except, that is, for one of them: The Christian Greenbelt Festival, which is starting to get a name for itself amongst people living around its Cheltenham Racecourse venue as a bit of a nightmare. In 2003, complaints were made about "unruly behaviour" of "apparently drunk people"; to say nothing of the traffic and litter. It's worth remembering that the people who share their area with Greenbelt aren't, like the residents near Glastonbury or Leeds, unused to a spot of disruption - after all, the Cheltenham (horse racing) Festival is held at the course, also attracting large numbers of people, many of whom would enjoy a drink; for the people attending a Christian Music Festival to be so poorly behaved as to try the patience of people used to that is quite something.

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