Wednesday, April 21, 2004

CHRISTIANS! HIDE YOURSELF: You just can't trust anyone - anyone - when it comes to filesharing, as it seems a load of God-lovin' youths have been seeking loopholes in the seventh commandment, assuming that filesharing Christian Music is spreading the gospel rather than actual stealing. The Gospel Music Association's John Styll doesn't see it quite that way:

"I’m surprised and disappointed that the behavior isn’t that ardently different between Christians and non-Christians."

It's slightly different, John, as the non-Christians are sharing better music. Barry Landis of Word Records has short shrift for people who try to defend what they're doing as evangalsing:

“That’s convoluted logic,” said Barry Landis, president of Word Records, a major Christian label. “You would never steal Bibles to give them away. You shouldn’t steal Christian music to give away either.”

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