Friday, April 23, 2004

GOOD NEWS FOR ARSES: Kiril writes to ressure us that they won't kick out the butt from New Orleans:

Have no fear, the ass will not be illegalized in New Orleans. The legislator in question is a first-termer from Marrero, a suburb of NO, who simply filed the bill to outlaw low-riding jeans and such. Marrero is, in fact, a style-less, soulless area of pawn shops and churches whose only saving grace is its proximity to Orleans Parish, though God wisely placed a toxic stretch of the Mississippi river between the two areas to limit cross-breeding. This is precisely the sort of proposal that no-name politicos put forward in an attempt to get priests and preachers to praise them in church during election years, and probably would happen with or without the traumatic memory of Janet Jackson's armored udder. Louisiana politics seems  strange to outsiders, I know, but this bill will not be voted on. I garr-awn-tee.

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