Friday, April 23, 2004

HOW GOES THE WAR ON TERROR?: There's been some comment over the last couple of years suggesting that America's intelligence services have taken their eye off the ball somewhat, ignoring real risks to play Robocop on soft targets. Well, that's all changed, with the news that the FBI are cracking down on School District computers. Yes, you and I might think they'd have better things to do than lock up school admin offices while they seek out downloaded music files, but that would be why we're not in the FBI, wouldn't it?

In a dawn raid - dawn raid - dozens of FBI guys (all carrying guns and wearing those natty little jackets like Agent Cooper swarmed over the offices of Deer Valley School District, Arizona, sealing the building off from the public who paid for it, seizing computers and turning away staff. Fox jumped to the child porn conclusion, but it was part of a sweep ordered by John Ashcroft, a man with so little to do, he's happy to waste resources doing the record companies' bidding. There were over a hundred other raids around the world as part of the same operation, called Operation Fastlink.

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