Wednesday, April 14, 2004

HAWKINS BEATS THE HAWKERS: Sophie B Hawkins' small-claims court case against the guy selling pre-release CDs on Ebay has been heard, and they found in her favour. She got given about three hundred and fifty bucks. Can't help wondering if this could prove a more attractive way for the RIAA to sue its customers - unlike their hideous complicated, dinosaur shaped manoevures to bring people to justice, this case proceeded quickly, and the sums involved were fair restoration rather than punitive. And the money has gone straight to the artist rather than getting lost, somehow, in the deep recesses of the RIAA's back offices. Hey, if they'd tried using the small claims court instead of the full weight of the justice system, the labels might have actually clawed back some of their (alleged) losses, and not looked like a complete bunch of tiger tanks.

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