Wednesday, April 14, 2004

AVRIL LAVIGNE - CRUSADER FOR THE TRUTH: Aw, bless, Avril Lavigne's upset that someone has spun a story about her, and thinks that the media is, you know, lying:

Just so you guys hear the real story from me. Last week I visited a radio station in Boston. Evan and I pointed out that there was a really bad picture of me on the wall. The radio DJ said to me, "Oh, go ahead, take it down" So I did.
The next thing you know, everyone's bringing this up in my interviews, it's on the internet, and being printed that I went into a radio station all mad, tore up a picture on there wall, had a fit etc.. Can you say manipulation??? Somebody desperately wanted a story.
This is what people do. They manipulate, they make up stories by twisting things around, and try to make you look bad. This happens all the time and not just to me but other artists as well.
This is what we get?? Come on

Hmm. So you went to a radio station, and moaned that there was a shit picture of you on the wall. That seems to be the nub of the story to me - I'm not sure quite where the "manipulation" is here; maybe the story has grown slightly in the retelling but it's hardly, say, The Sun's coverage of Winston Sillcott, is it?

While we're on the subject of Ms Lavigne, her return has meant we've reopened our campaign to help her ensure that she doesn't get sold by getting her boobs, belly or butt out - because you know how Avril hates that sort of thing. We're guessing, therefore, that she hadn't realised in the video for her new single there's shots of her bouncing around on her bed in her nightclothes - I expect it was all some sort of oversight.

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