Friday, April 23, 2004

I AM A LITTLE PIXIE: News of Bjork reaches us, delivered - as is the usual way - by tiny-little elf telegrams tied to the neck of some crows. She's planning to put out her new album, called The Lake Experience at some point in the Autumn so, um, beware the judder man when the moon is fat. She's also going to release a bunch of live albums, and we don't think we can better Pitchfork's assessment of these as being little more than an attempt to establish scientifically exactly how easily a fool and his money might be parted:

Employing similar strategies to those used by Lt. Robert Pollard to fell entire armies of pocketbooks, Björk is once again set to milk her rabid fanbase for every potential penny with no less than four live albums-- one for every album she's released. Slated to hit stores on June 1st, Debut Live, Post Live, Homogenic Live and Vespertine Live will feature live renditions of every song from their respective original LPs in the exact same running order. And for optimum dollar-fetching, the discs will be released individually, freeing them from the exclusive and intricate case design of her recent and massive box set. Additionally, those of you who enjoy listening to music in the smallest possible medium will be pleased to hear that the LPs are being issued on outmoded MiniDisc, for whatever reason.
This move comes on the heels of other meaningless fans-only Björk releases, which to date include nearly 60 slightly varying CD singles, a whopping seven box sets (some of which compile said singles), a greatest hits package, and like ten DVDs. There's satiating the endless needs of your fanbase, and then there's just being evil. Class-action, anyone?

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