Friday, April 23, 2004

MAKES YOU WONDER EXACTLY HOW USELESS THE OTHERS ARE: Anthony Costas has reckoned there's at least another two years left in Blue, and that the band would fall apart of Lee Ryan left. Yeah, a band without Smart Boy in wouldn't be able to find their own way downstairs in the morning, would they? Costas - speaking bent double, with his head wedged in a large pot of sand - dimissed the rumours:

"It's just rumours that Lee is leaving or that we are falling apart. Nearly three-and-a-half years down the line it is still upsetting that people put out these rumours because people believe them. It's hard on the fans but we are still together.
If anyone left we would have to split because Blue are four. Westlife can get away with it because there are four of them left. If one of us left, it wouldn't work with just three of us. It's just not a nice number."

We're not sure he quite meant to say "it's hard on the fans but we are still together" - surely it's harder on everyone else? - and we wonder if he's ever stopped to think why the rumours are that Lee's always the one who's going to go solo? Does he stay up at night hoping that tomorrow's Bizarre column will have a small piece 'Costas to go it alone'?

We're also delighted by the mathematical precision that he's used in calculating the future. Three is "not a nice number" - if only he'd explain why. Although the Bee Gees do spring to mind.

He concluded by telling the Daily Record that he'd like to try acting "but he wouldn't rule out singing." Well, it'd make a change.

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