Friday, April 09, 2004

WHO INVITED HIM?: So, there you are, enjoying a gig by nothern bloke band, when all of a sudden, on shuffles a crumpled figure. Oh, great. Fucking Noel Gallagher's decided to "help out" again. The latest band to "benefit" from Noel's certainty that any set can be enlivened by his magical presence is The Stands, whose Mean Fiddler show got interrupted by Noel clambering onto the stage and picking up a guitar. It's bad enough that he's become so deeply sunk into his Dadrock Ceaser Fixation that he's refusing to let anyone else do anything on the new Oasis album; now he's even stopping the Diddy Oasis from making music for themselves unless he's involved.

Scary fact: The Stands gig audience featured Jade Jagger, Zak Starkey and Sean Lennon. If they'd had Joe Bowie there, it'd have been like the Muppet Babies of Rock.

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