Friday, May 14, 2004

FOX OVER THE HILL; HANDS OVER TO HILL: We think we might have rumbled Dr Fox by outing his secret double life as "Steve Jones", as he's just announced that he's quitting The Hit40 UK show or whatever it is they've been calling the Pepsi Chart since Pepsi pulled its sponsorship to invest in getting Pink to wear chain mail biknis.

The new presenter team has been announced. So, it's out with the old:

Old Fox

And in with the new:

Katy Hill

In a bizarre recreation of the Radio One breakfast show Carcrash that was Greening and Ball, they're pairing Katy Hill with Simon Hirst. Hirst does stuff on Galaxy105, the Yorkshire variant of the Galaxy brand. He's not quite so, um, telegenic:


He also seems to have the sort of on-air persona which requires him to be known as "Hirsty." We give the partnership about three weeks, although Katy claims they've been working on ideas for months. Working on ideas? For a chart show? Here's an idea: you get a list of records, in order of sales. You read them out in order, lowest sale to highest, pausing to play each one. How about that for a format?


Simon said...

You'll have noted here Katy Hill keeping Lavigne-like to her promise made when she started on Live & Kicking that, unlike kids TV colleagues of the time, she'd never want to be glamour photographed in small amounts of clothing.

"The most representative chart in the UK"? Representative of what?

Anonymous said...

Well, knowing Katy, her and "Hirsty" will probably strike up an unlikely "Off air" romance and history will repeat itself!! Hill-Frampton-Farley-Hirstey!! Whatever next?

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