Friday, May 14, 2004

FRED DURST'S THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: i am amazed at the things i see and hear in the news about our world. i feel like i am in a bad robocop movie. the headlines seem seem so unreal. the chaos and decay of a species unfolding before our very eyes. the rise and fall of human beings is being written in real time. this won't be a vicious cycle that continues on a path way to the righteous world. we are seeing and suffering through the beginning of the apocalypse. - continues in this vein for several more lines - "BTW- we rocked CBS last night on Pepsi Smash. it airs May 27. it felt like it was gonna be so cheesy, but as soon as we hit the stage we decided to play by "our" rules, which is "no" rules, and let it come out."

So, that's chaos and decay. On the next Pepsi Smash. Thanks, Fred


Eric2 said...

Why oh why is this guy in my world? Ugh.

Ric said...

I love fred!

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