Friday, May 14, 2004

THE VERY DEFINITION OF GRUESOME TWOSOME: Can you imagine the pain of being a fly on the wall when Marilyn 'It's not my fault, I'm just a clown' Manson and Avril 'Look, I'm not a punk' Lavigne get together? Apparently the pair often make time to hook up with each other whenever they can:

"When we're in the same city, we get together and he's so cool. One time, we hung out in his room and watched movies. I went to his show a couple of times and hung out on the tour bus after.
When we're together, it's really cool because we just sit there and totally talk. It's so healthy when I can sit down and talk to another artist who's doing what I'm doing."

Right, we make that three occasions, then, which while admittedly being more often than I visited my last two doctors, hardly makes for bossom buddies. I wonder what they "totally" talk about? And is it fair to say that Manson's doing what Lavigne's doing? I guess they're both repackaging pretend rebellion in an acceptable and consumable form.

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