Friday, May 14, 2004

WE CALL IT SELF-CENSORSHIP: The Black Eyed Peas have chosen to alter their lyrics for the single version of Hey Mama, to avoid being thought of as no-good-iraqi-kissing-liberals ("to avoid upsetting people troubled by the war in Iraq"). The album version has the line "We multiply like we mathmatice, and then drop bombs like we in the Middle East" but has now become "We multiply like we mathmatice, and then drop bombs 'cause you're shakin' to the beat." It's a curious tweak, because surely everybody - even Donald Rumsfeld - should be troubled by the war in Iraq; but more importantly, isn't it more disturbing to suggest, during the course of a song designed to make people shake their booties, that you'll have a bomb dropped on you because you're dancing?

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Anonymous said...

A comment section - brilliant. Well done on a great blog, though I've not much to say about TBEPs.


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