Tuesday, June 15, 2004

HE WAS A SK8R BOI... OH, NO HE WASN'T, WAS HE?: Fred Durst has taken the opportunity to set the record straight about him and Avril Lavigne - he claims he never bought Avril a burger in the hope it would lead her to have sex with him. Durst, 42, told WWCT Rock 96.5 FM:

"Maybe she's in denial. I don't really know her, but I guess she's cooler than I thought since she can just get on and make up some shit and talk shit, so.. maybe she's as cool as everyone else out there.
"It's kind of weird…I'm sure I'll bump into her somewhere sometime. Some skate-punk party."

We love the way that Fred seems totally incapable of pulling out two words in a row that make any sense - he reminds us a little of Coupling's Patrick, who is so unused to having his motives questioned he's incapable of actually lying his way out of the situation. We're not sure if Avril making shit and talking shit is in any way like Fred's great mysterious romance with britney from last year.

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