Tuesday, July 27, 2004

AI? NOOOOOO: It's pretty much an open goal: Courtney Love has been turned into a cartoon character. She approached Manga with the idea of a story about "a girl finding her place in the world", which meant, of course, a book about her. (Of course it's about her, everything's about Courtney in Courtney world). The character is called Princess Ai, Ai being Japanese for Love.

It's written by DJ Milky, but the poor, misunderstood me is pure Courtney:

"Courtney has had a long, glamorous yet tragic life, and along the way has had many people against her ... questioning her motives and scolding her.
"Courtney has proven herself as a flamboyant and talented individual, but has been personally hurt by the various attacks on her," Milky says. "In a similar fashion, Princess Ai is hounded by enemies in her world and even criticized by her own people, mainly because she is misunderstood.
"Her goal is to save her people, and the only way she can do this is by getting to know herself. It's something we all struggle with ... even though the consequences are not as epic."

Poor Courtney... all that scolding.

[Thanks to Darren H]

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