Tuesday, July 27, 2004

OFF THE RAILS AGAIN: Those of you preparing for the Reading Festival at the end of next month are probably thinking, as you roll up your tent and count your pegs, that whatever happens, at least it won't be a nightmare to get to like last year. In 2003, of course, the railway gods closed their service to Reading down on the only weekend of the year when anyone would want to go there. And you'd be right. There's going to be no problem getting to Reading to train this year. However, they will close the London-Paddington line on Saturday, until Tuesday meaning getting back from Reading will be a nightmare. Now, we understand that the railways need to have large engineering projects carried out; that doing them during the week isn't possible and so it has to be a weekend: but with so many Bank Holidays to choose from, why pick the weekend of Reading's biggest attraction two years running?

[Thanks to Aaron]

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