Wednesday, July 28, 2004

AUSTRALIA: WHERE YOU STILL GET NEWSPAPER COLUMNISTS RANTING ABOUT PUNK: Reading this article by Andrew Bolt - 'Rock's Filthy Shame' and you might think you're back in the early 1970s as he lists the lyrics of anarcho-syndicist punk songs on a record dedicated to the worthy aim of removing John Howard from office. Or at least reading a Daily Mail leader from the Thatcher era:

Once again, you may think I exaggerate their barbarity. And, true, this CD could seem almost mild to you, even with tracks such as Razel's The A--e Song, Toekoe's John Howard is a Filthy Slut, the Animals' Gun Him Down and the Persian Rugs' Half Wit.

Getting upset about hardcore punk lyrics is like writing letters to soap opera characters, Mr. Bolt. Even so, we really don't want your fucking war.

[Thanks to Christopher B]

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