Wednesday, July 28, 2004

THAT WON'T DO NICELY, SIR: We've been passed Jim Derogatis' review of Morrissey's show in Chicago, which makes some interesting claims and points out that Indie Pop's former leading intellectual has started to become a charge-crad flogging, well, whore:

Morrissey was to have headlined one of the two nights of this year's Lollapalooza festival. Rumors continue to swirl through the concert industry that the notorious prima donna played a major role in scuttling that tour, pulling out because he was dismayed by lackluster ticket sales.
Within hours of the official word of Lollapalooza's cancellation, Morrissey announced this show at Chicago's House of Blues as part of an ambitious promotion for a major credit-card company. In the process of pulling out of what was once America's premier alternative-rock festival and downscaling to perform at an elite corporate event, he shut out thousands of listeners, casual fans and true believers alike.
I was hugely annoyed that his first show here in years was a $55 a ticket show that you could only purchase tickets for with an American Express card and the fact that it was held at the fakest venue ever, the House of Blues, did not help matters. Apparently the concert was a charity event, the money was all going to Chicago public schools (which is great and all) - but still, most fans would not have been able to attend this stupid

[Big thanks to Matthew M for this]

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Anonymous said...

ah diddums - to rewrite that piece: "f**k charity, I want a cheap morrissey show"

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