Tuesday, July 06, 2004

BUT DON'T GET THE IMPRESSION THAT THEIR HEARTS AREN'T IN IT ANYMORE: Hey, let's put an end to those 'Sugababes all over' stories once and for all - it's clear the band are dedicated to a whole new album and the acres of time that'll give them to spend together in small buses, planes and backstage areas, as Keisha demonstrates:

"We just don't come in if we've had a rough night, and that's what I think the great thing was. I wrote quite a few songs on the 'Three' album, and that wasn't because I'm probably their best writer, it was only because sometimes Mutya couldn't be arsed to come in because she had a hangover, and sometimes Heidi was ill, and vice versa.
That's what the group's about - pulling together. If one can't make it the other two will. Usually we are together but obviously when mishaps happen when you go out the night before or whatever, the show must go on!"

Yeah, there's a band with a rosy future. Nothing says 'dedication' like 'I'm not going to do anything as I've got a bit of a hangover.' Nice spot of positioning for the post-break career by Keisha there, too, you'll notice, making it clear it's the other two who are flakey, but it doesn't matter because she's the talented one...

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