Tuesday, July 06, 2004

YOU MEAN IT'S ACTUALLY COME OUT?: Peter Andre is not happy with his shite album sales (by which we mean the sales for his shite album, although the sales were pretty poor, too):

"Someone did a shit job on marketing - I don't care to say it!
Basically what happened was 'Mysterious Girl' came out, number one, 'Insania ' went in at number three, the same week the album comes out, we're doing a sell-out tour, but something happened on the marketing front and it didn't debut very high.
Now they've got to rectify the problem -which they will.
Cos we're doing sell out tours it says enough for me.The cologne 'Insania', which I got slated for, I found out yesterday is a best seller - how funny is that?!
So, they can go kiss my...."

This odd little bunch of confusion was spat at Radio One, and really demonstrates that even when you've plunged down the dumper once, you don't recognise when it's happening again. Peter, love, the problem is not a shit job of marketing, it's because everyone's bored with you now - certainly people might spend 99 pence on a single, but nobody wants an albums' worth of your stuff. We can't help wondering if the 'Jordan - impregnated by Andre's sperm' stories is the attempts to "rectify" the marketing - short of an honest 'Bloke on a game show a while ago has lots of albums left unsold - buy now and save landfill space' approach, that's surely all they've got?

We're not sure why he thinks Insania is a best seller, unless Poundland actually compile a chart of what's zipping through the 'two for a quid' checkout.

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