Monday, July 05, 2004

DAMN, AND WE DIDN'T SEND A CARD: Is it really fifty years of rock and roll today? Which means, far more importantly, that it's twenty-five years since Radio One's epochal-defining Twenty Five Years of Rock, a series which ran on Saturday afternoons forever and fucking ever a quarter century ago, breathlessly detailing every squeak and peek and thumbing of rock, untiltheygottopunkwhentheyjustcrashedallthewaythroughitasfastastheycould. It was, perhaps, the dullest thing we've ever heard on the radio and is the reason why we spasm whenever we hear the words "rock and roll" - an irony, of course, we're aware of. We don't believe that the Elvis record marked the moment rock and roll started, anyway, but we're happy to raise a glass and say "Happy Birthday, packaging of rebellion in a way appealing to manufacturers of jeans and chewing gum [with a white guy fronting it up, if we could find one]."

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