Monday, July 05, 2004

WE'LL HAVE WHAT HE'S HAVING: Hats ahoy to Perry Farrell - he might have grotesquely over-estimated Janes Addiction's contribution to the body of great art, and have a bit of a mushroom cock, but he really knows how to rail against former friends - the rest of JA and their "new" band:

"Perry Farrell says his band had been taken over by 'new owners' and 'went astray, falling into shallow holes'.[...] Music that was once relevant and graceful had become clumsy as a circus seal tooting his horns. I wish for Jane's Addiction to be remembered as one of the seminal bands of her era. She laid a foundation for unbridled underground music to rise up on."

Of course, Janes Addiction will actually be remembered as "the band who had that song with the barking dogs on it", which might not actually be the same as an entry in Groves but ensures a steady diet of pubquiz questions.

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