Monday, July 05, 2004

MOUSE AT RISK: So, it turns out that Disney haven't actually bothered to pay any royalties to Solomon Linda, who wrote Wimoweh. Also known as the Lion Sleeps Tonight, the song brightened the Lion King movies (anything that wasn't Elton John being especially welcome, of course.) The problem is, of course, copyright in the song had reverted to Solomon Linda in 1962 and yet Disney have somehow failed to stump up any cash. If Disney lose the case, they could have all their South African trademark earnings seized - so any sales of Mickey Mouse bubble bath, or Little Mermaid DVDs, would be helping out people who could really use the cash. And, you know, we're sure Disney - member of the MPAA, who are very, very razor sharp on copyright matters - would happily accept they've made a major error, and pay the Lindas the money they've been swindled out of.

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