Monday, July 26, 2004

DIDDUMS! PUFF LOSES HIS BLING: The staff down at Elizabeth Duke are expecting a major payday any moment now as Puff Daddy calls in to replace his stolen jewellery. It seems the great lummox has managed to let what he claims is four million quid's worth be lifted from his building - although we're not sure if thats the amount pinched, or just what's going down on the insurance form, along with "flatscreen telly, PC, brand new pair of trainers" and the usual stuff which the Man From The Pru is told has been pinched. Diddy's meant to be really upset because some of his pieces are one off items, although we expect someone will explain to him that it's not too much effort for the work experience boy to string the letters P, U and two Fs onto a gold chain again.

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