Friday, July 30, 2004

"FAIRLY SHIT" NEW NAME BODES ILL FOR NEW MANICS ALBUM: Is it just us, or is Life Blood a really, really disappointing name for the new Manics album? It doesn't suggest they're totally at the top of their game, does it?

Nicky Wire says of it:

"It's modern, shiny, pure pop, elegiac pop, It really is the poppiest album we've ever done. The mixer of Goldfrapp (Tom Elmhirst) has been working with us, and he's really given it a lovely sheen and a modern edge. We've been listening to The Associates, early New Order, Joy Division. It's 'The Holy Bible' for 35 year olds!"

Which isn't the most encouraging thing, either: by the time you're 35, you shouldn't needa The Holy Bible; and we're not quite sure how shiny, elegiac pop has a bearing on The Holy Bible, either, come to that. We know Manics albums tend to start off sounding a bit rubbish these days, then slowly creep up on you, but already, the distance this one has to creep over before it grabs us suggests it's going to have to pack sandwiches and find somewhere to stay the night halfway through.

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