Wednesday, July 28, 2004

FRED DURST'S THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Fred Durst has added a new entry to his blog, suggesting that he's had trouble with his TV remote and got the coverage of the democratic convention muddled up with The Greatest Story Ever Told:

we don't need a new president. we don't need the old one either. we need a true leader. someone who speaks for us as humans sharing a planet with many breeds of the same. when a true leader walks our land we will know, we will listen, and we will follow effortlessly. there won't be any campaigns and there will be no marketing. this leaders presence, words, values, integrity and heart will be desired by all of the world. the power of faith this man will obtain, not only from people in america, but everyone around the world, will be the reason our governments will feel threatened and take actions to remove this person from our quest for humanity.

Yeah, Fred... you know them damn governments, always trying to prevent humanity from going forward by holding enquiries into how girls get crushed to death at gigs. We're not quite sure how this chap will have such a powerful presence that he'll be able to unite people of all races and religions without the need for so much as a single campaign meeting or a five minute Party Election Broadcast, and yet somehow the people in government will be immune... are you saying that governments aren't being run by people, Fred, is that it? Oh my god, it is the lizards, isn't it? Thank the lord Fred's there to spell it out for us.

this leader will speak from his heart and be adored by all walks of life. this leader will become so powerful that our constitutions will be over ridden and rewritten to reflect a society once dreamed of and now forgotten in our corrupt universe. people like JFK and Martin Luther King were these types of leaders.

As we recall it, JFK had to campaign pretty hard to get to be President, didn't he?

if they were left in peace to continue their journey through life we may have seen such a thing, but they were removed from existance because they were too powerful and considered a threat to the people behind the government.

Well, at least we now know why Fred keeps his baseball cap on at all times. It's the foil lining which is keeping him safe.

these people do not want this leader to exist. they want us to choose our president from their shady "he's better than the other two guys" roster.

That's right, Fred. They - the mysterious lizard-puppet-masters - wanted to ensure that we stuck to the two-party system. That's why they killed JFK, who threatened to destroy the Democrat-Republican duopoly through, um, being a Democrat, and... um...

out of all the people in the world we are left with two or three human beings to settle with as our savior? of course. this is the way it works for them.

Eh? Getting a bit lost here, Fred - are you saying that there have been loads of potentials, but the government have killed them? And there's only a couple left? So the Lizard government are, what, like the First in the last season of Buffy, going round wiping the potentials out, one at time? Man, this heavy shit, Fred. You should be taking this to Fox. Or at least MS-NBC.

so weigh out the pros and cons and make your decision. this is pathetic. i love america. i love the whole fucking world. i love the idea of world peace.

You know what, Fred, if you're into World Peace, then I am too. Is there a tshirt? A website?

this leader will walk amongst us very soon. it will be undeniable. people will follow. people will talk. a following will rapidly build into a voice like we have never heard before.

Uh-oh, you're heading off into Ned Flanders land again,Fred. Is there going to be a sign? Could, you know, this saviour dude be wearing - dare I say it - a red cap of some sort? Can you be a bit more specific about this voice, though? When you say it's a voice like one we've not heard before, do you mean like Janet Street Porter's?

this leader will not have chosen to be the one and will not be trying to convince anyone of his heart and intentions. we will know when that time has come. the more our technology can cause awareness, the more it will be too complicated for our government to erase this leader.

Yes, hurrah for the internet! Two dozen blogs and a YahooGroup - that'll make it really tricky for the Lizards to blow up this strange-talking leader. (Actually, having said that, Osama Bin Laden has apparently got nothing more complex than a Boots CR50 cassette recorder with condensor mic, and that seems to have made him more or less immortal).

everything happens for a reason.

Man, it's like we've been reading the same fortune cookies! I got that one. I also got 'The overtakers make business for the undertakers', which is kind of spooky.

we have become victims of a corrupt government that is thriving on the ignorance they insist we are made of.

Yeah, but we've got you, Fred. All the while there's loads of kids with skateboards punching the air chanting 'rollin' rollin' rollin', we'll have the knowledge to beat them dudes on government hill, or the white... thingy... place.

we have to get perspective and look at the big picture

Yesss! Like those magic eye pictures. Hey... they usually had dinosaurs in them, didn't they? Big bloody lizards... I get where you're coming from Fred. I understand

we are the playing pieces for a game of control and power played by the people who see humanity as something disposable.

You said it, Fred - you're a piece, you are. A disposable piece.

as for the presidents, i will always have hope in the chance of that leader actualy being one of the candidates.

Yes, because, after all, with six billion people on the planet and two or three possibles for saviour, who wouldn't cling to the odds that John Kerry is going to be one?

if it is so then let it be and i will know in my heart that it is the one. this leader will not need to be re-elected because he will rewrite the book on how we govern our societies and remian our leader until he is no longer a leader.

Didn't Nixon remain a leader until he was no longer a leader?

maybe i think too much. maybe i don't think enough.

Never say that, Fred. You think absolutely plenty, in the precisely the right measure. If you thought any more - why, then the lizard people who killed JFK to stop him being the President might come after you. And, Fred, what would the world do without you, Fred? Fred?

i have never been so concerned about our well being as a world as i have become today. i am a dreamer and have hope. that's a good start for me. i think i am making no sense sometimes when my mind is in utopia.

You're mind's in Utopia? I aint never been to any of the Mid-Western states myself, but I hear they're nice.

it's time to be aware. think about your decisions. go with your heart. things can only get better, right? let's go vote.

But why, Fred? You've just told us that the True Leader will not need elections and campaigns, and that the people the lizard-government put up are just to distract us. Surely we should wait at home until we hear the unusual voice coming to rip up the constitution? Fred? Fred...?

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