Friday, July 09, 2004

A GOOGLER IS NEVER DISAPPOINTED: Judging by the referrer logs, for some reason everyone in the entire world wants to see Cameron Diaz leading a bloke round on a dog leash with her breasts out - people who know about these things tell me the "Cameron Diaz S&M video" is BitTorrent available [ ], although people who really know about these things tell me that the Loaded pictures of her in the swimming pool which caused the mass panic at IPC when they had to round up work experience donkeys to put little stickers over her visible front page nipple are more erotic.

The other thing that seems to have got people all hot and bothered is the news that two young people have had sex on stage at the Quart Music Festival. Apparently, they did it for the rain forest (they're from an organisation called Fuck for Forest). Ananova had an image of Tommy Hol Ellingsen and Leona Johansson, tastefully cleaned up:

But there's also a less safe for office viewing version floating about.
The pair were arrested and fined GBP850, which they're refusing to pay - we're not sure if disrupting a performance by Kristopher Schau and the Cumshots is a specific crime, so it must be a public decency thing. And if you're not sure quite how having sex on stage at a rock festival is going to help save the rain forests, you're not alone:

"I can not see that this helps the work for the rainforest," said Lars Løvold, head of the Rainforest Foundation Norway.

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